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home base location We are a small family business that was started in July of 2000 with a creative idea and a clear vision from our mom, Mary Jane. One day, while sitting on the couch, Mary Jane glanced at an old wooden, built-in bookcase from the 1970’s and in deep thought she said, “I could use that book case.”

We asked, "For what?"

Our mom replied, “The shelving is perfectly spaced to display a set of bongs. I think I’d like to open a head shop and call it Mary Jane’s House of Glass, so everybody knows what kind of store I have.”

Mary Jane With that, she signed a lease and paid for it with mortgage money from her house. The store sat empty for 30 days. She sat on the floor with a dial phone (now replaced by the iPhone) and started calling glass blowers, wondering how she would fill the store.

Finally, Mary Jane found someone that believed in her. Mike, from Sky Glass, promised to send enough of an assortment to get the ball rolling and agreed to be paid back in 30 days. He said, "I think your store will be very successful and I trust you.” This was the beginning of store number one; the little blue house on Mill Plain (which is no longer).

On opening day, Mary Jane hand painted a sign in yellow that read “Glass Pipes”. At this time, Mill Plain was a one-way street and she could hear people slamming on their brakes to turn around and come back to the store.

Brandon The first day, 69 people walked in. Mary Jane’s House of Glass started the day without even a cash register and only had a box on the floor with pen and paper. Mary Jane worked open to close every day of the week. She wanted the hours to be similar to a Target or a grocery store for customer convenience. She realized fast she needed help. My brother, Brandon, volunteered by saying, “Mom, I will be your partner.” And so it was.

At the time, Brandon was going to college and working at UPS. He started working at Mary Jane’s to help mom and never left. My mom and brother worked that original location for one year, until of course...trouble. The city informed Mary Jane’s that in order to operate a business in the current location, they would need to spend $20,000 to pave the gravel driveway entrance. The store was packed up and moved to our current “Store #1” location on 164th in Vancouver. This is now our home base.

Baby Jane Pops came to work at this time, and had so much knowledge to offer. He had a great business sense and sold our candles like no other. He did a great job as the company’s buyer. Brandon and Pops became a buying team and to this day, we have a stronger family to show for it.

During this time, I (now “Baby Jane”) was in the Dental Assisting field and had been working for an endodontist for 12 years. I decided to pick up some extra shifts at Mary Jane’s in the evenings. I later realized how much I valued the customers and their appreciation for this small family business. I knew I could help and contribute new ideas and was ready to start a new career. I watched my brother prepare to open the second location of Mary Jane’s on 4th Plain and Andresen. After a successful grand opening on the 4th of July, featuring Tommy Chong, I decided, “I’m all in” and jumped into the family business. Store #3, was opened in Hazel Dell and customers lined up for another Tommy Chong grand opening!!

Pops At this point, the family decided it was time to expand across the river into Oregon. We opened Store #4 on trendy NW 23rd to serve the Portland and surrounding area communities.

Ben, the youngest of our siblings, grew up with the family business and watched his mom, dad, sister and brother become a strong and successful business team. After he graduated from high school, Ben joined the family business which led to the opening of Store #5 in Washougal.

Ben Store #6 on Mill Plain, brings us to the Saberi brothers. David and Bobby Saberi officially entered the Mary Jane’s picture in 2010. However, David and Brandon grew up together and have been best friends since middle school. David helped Brandon build out each store and chipped in wherever he could to support our family business. The boys played a lot of card games in the back of the shop in the early 2000’s as business built and even slept on the floor of our stores before security systems could be installed.

After graduating from WSU in 2005, David spent time teaching high school before working in advertising for the popular local radio station 94.7. It was always David’s dream to have his own Mary Jane’s House of Glass. “How great would it be to work with my best friend and my second family doing something I love?!” David would say. In 2009, David started talking seriously with Brandon about getting more involved in the family business, and approached his older brother, Bobby, about investing in Mary Jane’s House of Glass. Everything fell into place and Store #6 on Mill Plain was opened in October 2010.

After many conversations with Brandon and David, Bobby decided to leave his 10+ year career in finance and real estate to jump into the new world of bongs and candles. Bobby ran sales and operations in his past life and volunteered to take over some of these duties for Mary Jane’s House of Glass in order to help the company grow.

Pops Today, Mary Jane’s House of Glass has expanded to nine locations. Three more stores were opened; one each in Longview, Tacoma and Federal Way. Mary Jane’s has approximately 65 employees, all motivated and caring professionals who carry on the original vision of Mary Jane...

People fell in love with Mary Jane because she let people be people. She understood them and listened to their stories. She allowed freedom of speech in the stores to say words like "bong". She really wanted to provide customer service above and beyond other retail stores. She wanted everybody greeted at the door and treated like royalty. She refused to sell porn, damaged goods or any meth pipes. All of our products are of the highest quality because she bought from local blowers to help support the families around us. This one small pipe dream became our families dream. We all came together, work together and will always be thankful for the strength our mom had and the struggles she overcame to make us all successful.

We hope you enjoy our small family business as much as we do! We have some great, unique products, we are known for our 25 hour burning soy candles and offer exceptional customer service. Thank you to the I-5 corridor from Portland to Tacoma for shopping at Mary Jane’s House of Glass. We appreciate your business and promise to provide you a friendly, professional and clean head shop for years to come.

"Mary Jane’s House of Glass is committed to providing the Pacific Northwest with the highest quality smoking accessories available, combining exquisite art and engineering to bring you the most dazzling and effective locally made products.

We focus on an educational approach to our customer base rather than the typical transactional approach. We pride ourselves on our clean and comfortable store atmosphere, ensuring a positive experience with both your product and customer service."